Randall S. van Reken, EA, CFP, ATP

Tax Man LLC

  Your 2014 Winter Rant is presented on behalf of my daughter (Oh from the mouths of babes!)

  My 14 year old daughter is officially a tax protester.  She worked a small job over the Christmas break.  She made about $400.  Before they’d issue the check, she had to fill out a W-9.  She asked me what that was about.  I told her that she’d have to pay taxes on it.  The silence was deafening.  Although not as deafening as the scream when I told her it would be about 30% of the total.  Yep, $120 in taxes.  She went ballistic.  She said, “I shouldn’t have to pay anything to this government.”  Hard for me to disagree.

  And we are all reeling from the devastation caused by the mandatory sequestration cuts - NOT!  I guess all of that "needed" government spending really wasn't all that needed now was it?  Does anybody even know what sequestration was?  It’s rumored that a U.S. Senator from Nevada thought it was Nevada’s 150th anniversary and was all for it.  No, that’s the sesquicentennial.  Go back to sleep Senator.​

2014 Winter Rant - A Very Young Tax Protestor